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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Read All About It!

Yes, it's finally time, brothers and sisters... the Mass Market Edition of Tales of the Red Panda: The Crime Cabal is now available! Get on board and show some love! If you've already read the book in it's earlier Direct Market Edition, please go to the page and post a review, a rating, some tags and/or some "tags for search". Help folks find it and enjoy it! I'd love to see 100 reviews up as quickly as we can manage it!

If you get a chance to post a link to the Amazon page on your blog, facebook, myspace, twitter or any other corner of the internet you own, that would be amazing!

Here is the LINK!

(EDIT: The Amazon page is still being tweaked. The picture keeps appearing and disappearing and the product description hasn't appeared yet, but there are already 10 reviews and we've jumped about 150,000 places on the "hot" list in 24 hours! Keep 'em coming!)

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