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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Early Reviews!

Here's a sampling of some of the early reviews folks have contributed to the page - Thanks to everyone who is helping us reach new readers and fans! I'll add some more here soon, but please keep 'em coming! I'd love to see 100 reviews up there... even if it's just a line or two!

This is a great book both for long time fans/listeners of the Decoder Ring podcast as well as people who haven't heard of the characters yet. Gregg Taylor has been writing these characters for a while now for audio drama and it shows in this book with each character having their own distinctive voice. There is plenty of action, mystery and intrigue and the end of each chapter will have you wanting more. - Bryan Kennedy

Harken back to the early days of radio and the larger than life adventures of the masked avengers of pulp fiction. A great read that peels those decades away, transporting us back to an age of heroes. - Michael Maloney

This is a great story for both the avid Decoder Ring Theatre fan or for the newly initiated. The Red Panda and The Flying Sqirrel are pulp hero characters. The Crime Cabal has all the humor and daringdo that we have come to expect from Mr. Taylor. Grab this book and hang on for the ride. - Kurtis Workman

Gregg Taylor's Red Panda audio adventures thrill internet and radio audiences twice a month with exciting, funny, and romantic tales of the Red Panda, a "The Shadow"-style pulp hero heavy on gear and hypnotic tricks, and his sidekick and love interest, The Flying Squirrel, who dishes out the licks to the bad guys. This story gives a rare in-depth view into the adventures of the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel, and lets readers see into the minds of these characters in a way that's impossible to do in audio form. If you love pulp heroes, and you want to see some bad guys get their butts kicked, then this is the story for you!!!! - T.L. White

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