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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tomorrow, the world!

Yes folks, the long, dark tea-time of the soul that was the pre-order is over at last, and everyone who has been waiting for a book should have it in their hands in a few days. It hasn't been pretty, and there are still a few issues on this end, but the important thing is those International Orders are en route!

Which makes it a perfect moment to announce that Tales of the Red Panda: The Crime Cabal will have it's Mass-Market edition release this summer through BookSurge and be available on - and will be joined this fall by the second book in the series, Tales of the Red Panda: The Mind Master!

So those of you who missed the pre-order (you lucky buggers) will soon have an opportunity to get your paws on this in-continuity story that falls somewhere between seasons one and two of The Red Panda Adventures

This edition is substantively identical to the Direct Market edition. The cover still features Chuck Lukacs' beautiful artwork and Allan Cooke's stunning design. But the text has been more fetchingly re-set and it's had a good deal of editorial TLC from the series' new editor deluxe, Erin Fife.

Watch this space for more details (and listen for the shameless pimping that will no doubt follow in the Decoder Ring Theatre Podcast)! I hope those of you who've read the book through the pre-order will take the opportunity to post a review on Amazon when the book makes it's debut!


CoolB said...

Huzzah! Great news. I also look forward to the next book in the series :D

V said...


V said...

Yay! It arrived today!

I must admit the postmark had me wondering, until I read the inside cover.

Thanks Gregg.